Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Giving Thanks

My grandmother used to sing, "count your blessings" to us all of the time.  As a child I loved when she sang the song, and then we all would talk about what our blessings were no matter the circumstances surrounding us.  I love that I grew up singing this song and I hope to continue singing it for a long time.  As I was thinking about the part of the song that says, "count them one by one" I thought that would be a great way to post a little bit about our Thanksgiving and upcoming move!  God has blessed us in so many AMAZING ways over the last month.  We are truly very very thankful. So here are just a few of the blessings over our Thanksgiving week.

We woke up on Monday morning before Thanksgiving and turned on the news.  The weather was not looking so great for a 7 1/2 hour drive on Tuesday so we decided to quickly pack and leave Monday!! We hopped in the van around 2:00 and headed out!  This little girl fell asleep around 6:30 P.M. after saying she was tired.  She definitely takes over for little man who hardly sleeps in the car at all!

Getting to PA a day early meant more family time by the fire on Tuesday!  Nana was out Christmas shopping so we played games, Josh built a big fire, and we visited with Mike and Ali!  So thankful we were able to spend time with them.  The kids absolutely LOVE them.

Tuesday night I talked Ali and Josh into doing a t25 workout with me:)  It is always good to do a good workout the day before the day before Thanksgiving right?  Wednesday was a day of cooking and we got out to see Frozen!  We all LOVED the movie.  I might have been just as excited as my almost 5 year old to see it!

Thursday morning we headed to PapPap's house for sticky buns and egg casserole while watching the parade!  I love the Macy's Day parade.  We also skyped with my parents which was wonderful!  

We then headed to Nana's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was such a wonderful time with family and friends.  A true blessing.  The food was absolutely delicious as always and the fellowship was just as wonderful.

Such a boy...

 Josh, Nanny, and Poppy
Nana made us these for First Gift of Christmas!!

 And too much fun with this string...
(Kat how do I have NO pictures of you? Boo!! and you too Uncle jack)

 No words...

After getting up and out the door for a run on Friday morning we relaxed a little and headed out to get Nana's Christmas tree!!  (let's not talk about when it fell down AFTER being decorated.)

Friday night we got some time at Hershey Park! 

Saturday morning we had our Christmas time with Nana and Aunt Ali.  Truly blessed.

Saturday night we visited family, stopped by the outlets, and had dinner at PapPaps.  Wow what a great time! Sunday we got in the car and headed home where daddy promptly put B's big boy bed together.  We had been borrowing the crib and needed to return it and pick up Josh's bed from when he was a boy.  So, there no time like the present right?  Little man has been sleeping well in his big boy bed!  I'm so very proud of him!

We sort of went into this week with a few unknowns.  We weren't exactly sure when the movers were coming or when we'd close on our Dayton home.  God has again moved MOUNTAINS this week.  There were 2 items that our buyer was asking us to fix.  The pipe he requested to be fixed is actually being fixed as I type.  The fireplace damper that needed fixed was fixed FREE OF CHARGE.  FREE OF CHARGE?  Such a huge financial blessing that I cannot even begin to describe to you.  Seriously I was jumping around the house like a little kid after he left.  Our van door also bit the dust completely this week.  It accidentally got opened (we hadn't been using it) and we couldn't close it. Thanks to several AWESOME friends i got it to the shop and they were able to cut the cable to so we can use it normally until we can purchase another car at a later date (after the move).  Who needs a working door anyways right?  Guess what they fixed it for?  FREE OF CHARGE.  I am telling you this is all God.  All of it.  Ok, so when are the movers coming?  Wait for it...
NEXT WEEK (wow I'm in an all caps kind of mood today huh?).  Yes our stuff will be out by next weekend. I'm not going to lie and say this isn't coming with many many mixed emotions, but our God is faithful.  He is leading the way. We have no idea what is in store for us but we are trusting God in it all!  We do ask for prayers as the next few weeks are not going to be without some ups and downs.  We have many lists to complete, paper work to be completed, packing to be done, etc. plus lots of goodbyes to say and we are figuring out how to do a little family Christmas before that as well.  Please pray for our precious kids.  They have been very flexible the last few weeks and I know this next week is going to be tough on them.  Pray that we have the right words to say and can encourage them in the huge transition that is about to take place.  Last but not least...would you like to see a picture of the shirt I am making sure to tuck in my suitcase so that all of CO can see it??

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