Monday, December 30, 2013

Just a little cray cray

Quite a bit has happened since the movers showed up at our front door!  The last three-four weeks have been packed full of lots of activity.  Moving is not for the faint of heart. I want to give a shout out to all of those military families that move every 3-4 years!  Although having someone pack your home and move it across the country for you seems like a great idea it is a bit stressful for someone who likes to be super organized. After the movers drove all of our things away, our friends Mark and Amy graciously offered up their home to us until we left for my parents house in NE Ohio on Saturday morning (i'm not going to talk about saying all of the goodbyes in Dayton!).

The kids on the couch before leaving!

Thus began the process of living out of suitcases for 24 days (yep I counted).  We are so very thankful for friends and family that are willing to let us stay with them during the holidays and during our new transition! It has been wonderful to be with family!

Once we arrived at the Ellington's household we had one day until Josh traveled to Denver for 7 days.  During those 7 days he was working, closing on our house, helping the movers put our things in our house, unpacking a few things, and doing LOTS of painting!  Such a great husband.  We are thankful that our closing went so well in Denver.  We absolutely loved our realtor!  While Josh was in Denver, we spent time Shopping and visiting with lots of family members. We also celebrated our 9th anniversary while he was gone as well.

We were grateful that Josh made it home three days before Christmas.  We enjoyed some more family time, a trip to a live nativity, Christmas Eve Service, and a quiet Christmas at mom and dad's due to some nasty flu bug going around.  

 Fun at the live nativity



Fun baking cookies with MiMi and Ma

Fun at church

Celebrating Christmas with the Ellington clan

Christmas with the Haines Family.  How cute is this OSU jersey?

Look who showed up!

 Christmas dinner

Why wouldn't we be silly?

Celebrating after everyone feels a little better

The Friday after Christmas we packed up and headed to Hershey to visit our Rogers family!  So far we have already been to a wonderful bridal shower for Josh's sister Ali (getting married in May!), an engagement party, a very special girl's 5th birthday, and played lots of games!

Birthday Girl!

 Look what we did!

We do have a huge prayer request.  Due to some strange circumstances we still have not closed on our Dayton house.  We are praying that this will still happen before December 31st (per the contract) but are not sure it will.  This has added to the stress of moving and traveling and Josh has been working hard with the realtors to help make this happen.  We trust that God's timing is always best no matter what.

We will be enjoying time in Hershey until January 1st.  January 2nd the trip across the country begins!! 

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