Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day Four

Just a quick few minutes to relax before hitting the hay tonight!  We're pooped! We are so very thankful to say that our fourth traveling day went well.  It was definitely a long day but we arrived safe and sound.  We had a such a great visit with the Strodes! The kids loved getting out of the car and playing and it was wonderful to be able to sit and drink some tea and chat before heading back out on the road!

Wichita had a few inches of snow during the night and so our drive out looked a little like this

However, that didn't last too long and we were on clear roads again!!  The kids opened another gift from aunt Amy.  How cool are these?

There isn't too much to say about Kansas so I'll quickly go on.  The HUGE wind farm was a very cool thing to see though!  Pretty soon (ok not really). After a stop for lunch and another gas up and lots of flat land it was out of Kansas and into Colorado! Unfortunately we did not stop to see the world's largest prairie dog.

The last few hours went well thanks to listening to Adventures in Odyssey and the only break down our little man had was 15 minutes before home!  Just a little sleepy.  We pulled in to our new home at around 5:00.  The last few days have been full of unpacking LOTS of boxes.  Slowly but surely it is getting put together! Today the kids and I ventured out to Walmart and Target and it was really good for us to get out for a bit.  I took this picture on my drive out of our neighborhood.TaTa for now! Time for some shut eye. 


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Allison Walton said...

Welcome home!