Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting Organized (my favorite word)

This weekend my friend Amy came to visit and to help set up several (or lots of) rooms in the house.

She is seriously gifted in not only being able to picture a room and seeing a vision for it, but she is also ridiculously handy.  Give her a hammer, nails, a ladder, or an Ikea shelf to put together and she is ready to go!  The girl worked so hard this weekend.  Like 10 hour days hard.  We had such a great time together and I can say that the only reason I am able to sit on the couch today for a few hours watching the Broncos game is because she was here all weekend!!  I am so thankful for her friendship and her willingness to share her gifts with others.  Having her here was definitely an encouragement.  It sure gets tough living in a place where you don't know many people, and although I know that will change over time I am glad for the encouragement this weekend.   Another big encouragement was that our friends Mandy and Chris watched our kids while I picked Amy up from the airport.  The kids had a GREAT time playing with their kids and it was just another way our kids could find comfort in a new place. God is so good.

We also found a preschool for Amaya this week.  I wasn't sure that we would try and find something but it was clear after just a week that she really needed to be around some other children her own age.  It is tough moving to a new place at her age and I think this is really going to help.  She loved her first day and came out with a smile on her face.  Thankfully the preschool is only 5 minutes away and affordable.  It was definitely an answer to prayer.  We are in the process of deciding where to send B to preschool next year as well.  EEK! AND Kindergarten registration for A is THIS WEEK.  I might cry just walking into the school. How do moms stay strong and not fall apart during these monumental moments?  Sheesh!

 We have visited several churches so far.  It is tough to find a new church home but we are praying that God will lead us exactly where he wants us!   We are trusting in His timing. 
Other than that we are continuing to do little things around the house and are enjoying the wonderful weather this weekend.  60 degrees and sunny? I"ll take it in a heart beat and am hoping to get out on a run very I should really run out the door as soon as I get done with this post!

On a different note these people out here are CRAZY about their Broncos! I love it though. It creates a fun atmosphere. Speaking of which, we were invited to our neighbor's Super Bowl party.  We are already finding ways to pray for several of our neighbors.  I am hoping we can show them Christ's love! 

Here are a few pictures from things we worked on this weekend!

Here is a very crooked pic of the kitchen. 
Yikes I need to stop using my phone and use my actual camera!!

Our friend Brian helped bring in an armoire this weekend that we found on Criagslist to use as a pantry in the dining room. Amy helped design the photo collage (that obviously still needs pictures!)  I love it.  

I cannot begin to explain how hard Amy worked on this play room!  We began by going through everything and organizing it. We put all craft items in a trofast shelf near the laundry area. Then we had to create a vision for what we wanted it to look like.  Then it was time for a trip to Ikea and lots of hard work putting everything together.  I really can't take much credit for it at all. I really felt like a secret reveal when Amy called me downstairs to take a look!! I love it and feel like it will be a great play area.  I just need to add some art on the walls!

This is the before

 and the after...

We worked on the living room (not sure why the picture is blurry)  Yay for having a place to crash!

We began to go through this mess called the office!
 There is still work to be done, but seeing as how I didn't know where to begin when I first looked at this is much better!

We also worked on the guest room and Amaya's room, but I have no pictures of that as of yet.  It really is becoming a home!  Come this spring/summer we will also have tons of work to do on our yard but that's what happens when you own a home right? We are thanking God for where he placed us and looking for His guidance as we follow his lead!  We are also so thankful for everyone that has been praying for us. Please know that it is greatly appreciated!

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