Monday, January 27, 2014

Where did my baby go?

Something happened this last week.  Little man decided to become a big boy over night (speaking of which how is big sis getting so grown up?).  I'm not sure how happy I REALLY am about this but I am certainly very proud of his accomplishments.  For starters, the Awana program that we found for Amaya to continue at in CO (also at the Harvest church we have been attending the past few weeks) has a program for B's age.  It is called Puggles.  How cute is that?  Well we happened to mention that to him on a Sunday and asked if he wanted to go. He quickly replied yes and then continued to ask about it frequently all of the days leading up to Wednesday.  When Wednesday came he couldn't contain his excitement. He walked right into class just like a big boy and had tons of fun.  He played instruments, sang, learned a Bible story, and played with the other children.  Afterwards we asked if he had fun and he shouted, "yes!!"  He has now been asking about it again all week.  He has also been asking to go to school every time we drop Amaya off at preschool.  Slow down little man. Just for me please? 

 He loves his Spiderman Pjs!

So much fun at the park this weekend!

Then there is the whole talking thing.  He has always done really well saying many words, but the sentences weren't quite there yet.  We would work with him saying entire sentences and he would always quickly repeat what we were saying.  Well, we were in the car a few days ago and he was wanting a toy that he and his sister were sharing.  All of the sudden he says, "Daddy, is it my turn yet?"  Josh and I just looked at each other shocked.  Where did that come from?  Ha!  Ever since then he has been putting more and more sentences together.  Once again, so proud of him I could just BURST. 

SO this hair need a good cut! 
The good weather made it a perfect opportunity for daddy to go 
out on the deck and give him a good haircut!

So grown up and sportin the Ohio State Jersey 
from his Great Uncle Jeff and Great Aunt Roni! 

The most shocking thing of all concerns the potty.  He's went a few times, but has never shown much interest and with the move I hadn't pushed anything.  He woke up one day last week requesting to go.  I didn't think much of it until he went on the potty EVERY SINGLE TIME I took him that day.  Then the next day and then the next.  So we are suddenly in full blown potty training. Underwear, pull ups, and all!  I can't complain at all about this one.  After all, it will be MUCH easier on the pocket book not buying diapers! 

So there you have it.  I'm not sure where my baby went (although he will always be my baby) but he growing up way to fast for this mama.  I am so proud of him in so many ways.  To see where he has come in just 17 months is incredible.  We love you little man! I am so thankful that the kids are doing so well with this huge transition in our lives.

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