Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Poppy and MiMi come to visit!

The last few days have been a blast with Poppy and MiMi coming to visit!  Thought I'd give you a few quick updates about life in Denver!

* We took a trip to the Colorado Railroad Museum on Saturday morning.  We got to ride a little train around and look at all of the trains.  It was lots of fun!


* After the museum we took a quick trip to Buffalo Bill's Grave and Lookout Mountain.

*We love to play games around the kitchen table.  This must include popcorn.

*Sunday we got up and attended Harvest Bible Chapel. We have been attending the church for a little over a month now and are finding a home there.  The kids attend Awana there on Wednesday nights and Josh and I joined a small group (like house church back in Dayton) this last week on Thursday nights.  Everyone in the small group was so very friendly and welcoming.  We are excited to see what God does there!

*It was the perfect day for a walk after church.

*Monday morning we woke up early and headed to Snooze.  Oh yum.  yum. yum!!

*Then we headed to the zoo!

*Sadly poppy headed back to the airport Monday and we are so thankful he made it safely home in a crazy snow storm!  That night we all decided we need hot chocolate, coffee, and a little Uno at Starbucks.

*The rest of the week is flying by way too fast!  We are loving having MiMi here!  Just in case anyone is wondering the Rogers Guest Room is open for business!
*AND....the last box is unpacked and we can officially fit two cars in the garage!!  We still need some shelves for our storage room and some new shelves to replace the broken ones in the garage, but I am thankful for ALL of the help unpacking! (excuse the very dirty van that I have yet to run through a car wash after the last snow storm).  We will all be so sad to see MiMi leave!!

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Allison Walton said...

What a fun visit! So glad they were both able to come out and see your new place, and help get set up (or help watch the kids while you get set up). It's such a relief having things done!