Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life at home

I was very glad that we had a planned activity the day after MiMi left us! No 32 year old woman should be moping around the house and sulking right? On Saturday morning we headed downtown via the light rail. We knew the kids would enjoy the ride and it meant not trying to find parking downtown. It ended up being a gorgeous morning! We then attended a program called Tiny Tots Orchestra.  The Orchestra (about 30 person) surrounds the audience.  The kids absolutely loved it. 

 After the light rail we hopped on the free mall bus! Here we are waiting for the bus.

B was so very excited that Curious George was helping direct the Orchestra!

 A followed the program very closely. 

During the week while daddy is at work I have also been trying to find some fun (cheap) activities for the kids. This week I drove to our local recreation center to take the kids to an open gym class.  We had a great time while burning off some energy at the same time!

B pretty much loved the foam pit. 

This girl is so athletic.

We also have purchased a zoo pass and I am hoping to be able to use that soon!  As soon as it gets just a bit warmer I know we'll be visiting the many parks in the area as well.  Hopefully soon we can meet people and possibly have some play dates!  Oh and yes there is always our "schoolwork" to do.  The kids really enjoy sitting down to do a mix of school work and coloring every day as well. Otherwise apparently this is what we do...

I found him in the dog bed the other day with his stuffed animals and a book!  Love it!

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