Monday, March 10, 2014

Manly Man

This weekend Josh built some shelves for our storage room!  I'm sure you know by now I get super giddy about organizing ANYTHING.  These shelves are perfect and were filled way to quickly with bins, which means I need to go through all of these boxes and see what I can get rid of!  I love having the shelves. Thanks so much babe!!

Saturday night we had a meeting at Church called "Party with the Pastors." We had a great time.  It was a very laid back setting and they served dinner. Then the pastors told a little bit about themselves and the vision for the church. Then they opened it up for a question/answer time.  How great to get to know those that serve at the church! We are hoping to start serving at church very soon. 

Sunday was another gorgeous day here in Colorado! After church, Josh got to go on a bike ride with our neighbor on his new bike (which I keep forgetting to get a picture of) and I got out on a sort of run.  Sigh...this altitude and the hills are KILLING me!  Josh keeps trying to convince me not to give up.  I was so close to quitting this weekend!  I'll get there eventually I'm sure and was still SUPER thankful for a 72 degree day! We were outside pretty much the entire afternoon and evening playing with the neighbors! 

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