Monday, September 1, 2014

The Beginning

Wow!  It can't possibly be two weeks into school already can it?  Where does the time go?  The weekend before school began we had a special visitor come visit!  PapPap flew in on Thursday, and we kept him going the entire time he was here.  We were able to show him a little bit of everything from the Denver Zoo to Rocky Mountain National Forest!

Breakfast as Snooze is a MUST

Josh and his dad enjoying the Rockies (um er Reds) game together

Rocky Mountain National Park

The kids were very excited to see some wildlife.

The day after PapPap flew home it was time for the first day of school. On Mondays, Amaya has her all day program offered through the public school specifically for homeschoolers.  She loved every second!  I'm so glad that she has the opportunity to attend the school.  

On Tuesday we got down to business. This girl works hard.  So far she is doing well.  We've had our moments of not wanting to complete work, but for the most part we push through.  She says that right now her favorite subjects are Math and History.  This year in Classical Conversations we are on Cycle 3, which is U.S. History.  I"m so glad we get to start with U.S. History.  Amaya absolutely loves her Classical Conversations History sentences and timeline. I've been trying to read a book each week that goes along with her history and she eats it up big time.  I must admit I am enjoying it as well.

Reviewing our states/capitals during our co op time on Thursdays.

Working hard at home

One week later B started school!  He was all smiles and went right into class with no problems.  He has already made two friends and seems to be adjusting well.  He is currently practicing tracing letters and lines and learning to cut independently.  We are so thankful for the preschool we found when we moved here 8 months ago.  Not only it is close to our house, but we love the teachers and staff.  

I think that the hardest part of homeschooling right now is finding our groove and figuring out when to fit all of the other household chores in.  When to get the laundry and cleaning and cooking in becomes a bit more challenging when you are focusing on teaching!  The first two weeks reminded me a lot of my times teaching in public school.  It was tough getting back into the routine and finding what works best, but over time we always found it.  Then it was usually time for a break and we'd get out again!  I think we'll find our groove at home too and learn to be flexible in all of it. After all, that is definitely one pro to homeschooling! Speaking of breaks, the 3 day weekend for Labor Day was wonderful.  We had the opportunity to get out and go hiking.  We found Eldorado State Park this time. It is just on the outskirts of Boulder and fairly close to home, which was a plus.  It is also absolutely gorgeous.  Even with the flood damage from last year it has incredible views.  We chose a moderate/difficult hike and Amaya kept up every step of the way.  The way up was quite a climb and she was the leader of the pack!  You can also walk by way of Boulder Creek and take time to watch all of the rock climbers.  I think we could have stayed all day, but BOTH of our kids were ready for a nap after the hike. 

Her favorite part of hiking is finding rocks to climb.

Having views like this make you keep going up!

We are thankful that daddy had an extra day off after traveling last week.  None of us are used to the travel and we all were slightly grumpy upon his return. Thankfully the grumpiness didn't last too long.  We are really going to be starting the busy season over the next few months.  Every single time I get out on a run and start talking to God I feel like I hear him whispering to me, "don't fret over the small things."  I"m am a first born, type A, perfectionist, and I readily admit it.  Therefore, It is so hard for me to just, "let it go" at times.  I know that is what He is trying to teach me. If every schedule for the week doesn't go exactly as planned it is ok.  God had a better plan anyways.  I'm attempting to learn this and put it into action, but it is something I have to pray about every single morning before my feet hit the floor.  In fact, Ann Voskamp had an excellent blog post about this last week titled, "What Every Week Ahead of You Needs." I am so thankful for these words that God gave her. 

"More than needing schedules and productivity, this week will need a Savior and prayer.
God’s not asking me to produce– He’s asking me to pray.
God’s not asking me to climb ladders — He’s asking me to kneel and let go.
Right there at the mirror, right at the beginning, the week begins to unfurl in slow, in hope.
And that’s what I whisper into the mirror:
His grace will be more than just sufficient — His grace is guaranteed to actually save.
Time, me, the week, all redeemed and miracles happen in mirrors and to people we know. When we know Christ, we always know how things are going to go — always for our good and always for His glory."

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