Sunday, March 8, 2009

OAM Cooking Adventure!

As I look back on our Once a Month Cooking adventure I call it a success! But let me start at the very beginning. Melissa and I dropped the kids off at Cortney's at about 11:30 and headed back to my house to begin cooking (thank you so much Tricia and Cortney for watching our non napping children!). We ate a quick bite and got to work at about 12:15. I began chopping lots of yummy veggies in my small food processor that attaches to my blender and Melissa started using the wonderful food processor Tricia let us borrow to chop chicken. LOTS of chicken! We accidentally cooked too much chicken in the crock pots the night before because we neglected to read the directions thoroughly but we were determined to be flexible, which I think we did pretty successfully! Once we had everything chopped and cut we got to cooking! We cooked, and cooked and cooked. Taco soup, veggie soup, spaghetti sauce, baked spaghetti, chicken macaroni bake, chocolate banana muffins, blueberry waffles...the list continues! I love working with Melissa in the kitchen because she keeps me calm:) At one time I was freaking out about getting the waffles out of the waffle maker and she very calmly looked at me and said "how about a fork?" I laughed so hard. Like, ummm, DUH! Just grab a fork silly. So anyways, hopefully she was able to put up with me in the kitchen:) It was definitely fun cooking with someone and talking all day. Much better than doing it by yourself. Our husbands arrived home at about 5:30 to a kitchen full of food and dishes all over the place and two smiling wives, much to their surprise! We did stop to nurse our children and grab a quick bit to eat and then got back to cooking. By about 10:00 I was cooking the chicken macaroni bake and added all of the elbow macaroni into the sauce instead of the 6 oz. I was supposed to. I was so thankful I had another box of elbow macaroni sitting in the pantry for the other recipe I needed it for. I think it was about the 10:00 point I thought perhaps we'd be cooking FOREVER and needless to say I don't think I ever want to make Chicken Macaroni bake again, haha. Thankfully somewhere along the way Melissa and I reached our second wind or third wind and finished the rest of the recipes (although me cooking potatoes to put in the breakfast burritos at 10:30 at night was NOT a good idea, silly me). We finished cooking and making sure everything was in the freezer, cleaned up the kitchen and said goodnight. I recieved a text today from Melissa today saying how happy she was that she didn't have to cook all weekend and that everything was in the freezer and I definitely agree. I LOVED the experience. I also look forward to cooking next month with Melissa again. I would totally recommend Once a Month Cooking to anyone as long as you can be flexible and realize its OK to make mistakes!


the clemensuz said...

I laughed to myself the whole time I was reading your sort of made me re-live the day all over again! So much fun. We make a good team! Looking forward to the next session. Maybe without the Chicken Macaroni Bake, though :)

Olivia Boehler said...

Hi friend! Thanks for sharing all of your adventures online, I feel like i'm apart of it :) I wish we lived closer, I miss you! I'm inspired now to try once a month cooking this summer. Do you have a deep freeze that you put your food in or did you just use your freeze in your fridge? Take care friend!

Amy in Ohio said...

Congrats fellow OAM rookie! It was my first month too and I'm already gearing up for March! You know stretching, sit-ups and the!