Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Reminders

When we began this adoption journey we knew it would be tough. Others that had gone through the process gently warned us that it would be sort of a "roller coaster" ride of emotions as rules change, regulations change, timing changes. Nothing is for certain. Therefore, we prepared ourselves as much as possible. We prayed and asked God for strength and wisdom as we followed his leading. I will definitely say that we have had our share of ups and downs in the last 13 months. We are thankful for those that have encouraged and prayed with us each step of the way. This last weekend was one of those "down" moments. Obviously the wait has become much longer than anticipated and there are days when it just seems like it will NEVER happen (it will). So today I sat down to read the Bible and asked God to remind me of his faithfulness. I am going through a study with some girls on YouVersion. Well, guess what the reading was for the day? Genesis 50, which is the end of the story of Joseph. Joseph explained to His brothers that everything he went through was exactly God's plan for his life and that God meant it for good. I started thinking about what Joseph must have been thinking as he was sold into slavery, then treated wrongly, and eventually thrown in jail, and then eventually set as a right hand man to the ruler. God had a plan that Joseph could not have seen, yet Joseph trusted and obeyed. He served others through everything. How awesome is it that God brought me to that exact passage today? We know God has a plan. We will trust Him in his plan. I don't think it means we'll always have these huge smiles on our faces or won't sometimes ask God what is going on, but it does mean that we trust His plan for our lives. I also pray that I will be willing to serve others and show them my love for Christ even in those times of discouragement. If you get a chance today to read through the story of Joseph in Genesis please do. It is such a wonderful reminder of how awesome our Great God is.

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