Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reason to Sing

I do NOT want this post to be a complaining post.  I want it to be a way for me to share a little about me learning to trust my heavenly father.  Please forgive me if it sounds like I"m complaining because the Lord has provided many many blessings this week that I am so very thankful for and He has blessed us beyond measure.  Thank you Lord for holding us in Your hands. 

So, in light of that let me continue... 
This was one crazy week for sure, but you can see from my previous post that God provided MANY blessings during the week.  He is good.  Josh began his travel schedule this week.  The Lord provided a promotion at work for my husband and I am very proud of him and his hard work.  That being said, the new job requires quite a bit of travel.  That is going to take some getting used to for sure.  Honestly, Amaya and I do great except for one part of the day.  The mornings.  Getting up, dressed, breakfast, coffee, to the sitter, and to work on time seems impossible.  I know this seems silly seeing as how I only have one child and those with multiple children probably just laugh, but for some reason it's a big struggle for us. By the time we leave the house I feel like I"ve just run a marathon.  Part of the problem is that our sitter is so far from our house.  She is only about 15 minutes north of my school, BUT that's almost a 30 minute drive in the morning to get there and then a 15 minute drive back to work.  For this reason we are going to begin looking for different options that might be closer to our house.  I know the Lord will provide.  He always does.  He is faithful. He is in control.
We found out one of our close friends that we met on a mission trip to Ecuador many years ago is going through a really tough time.  Their five year old daughter may have cancer.  She went through surgery last Friday to remove the tumor.  They are waiting on the results.  Wow, no words. I know the Lord will provide.  He always does.  He is faithful. He is in control.
I was really really hoping for an infant boy referral this week.  It seems like it has been forever since the last boy referral (almost 2 months).  As far as I know there weren't any boy referrals.  However, there was an infant girl referral!  This is very exciting, especially since our friends the Garmans moved down on the list! Wahoo.  I just keep saying that God is working it out so we can travel with them to Ethiopia.  So we continue to wait and see what God's plan is for our little guy in Ethiopia.  EASIER SAID THAN DONE.  We know this is God's plan.  Just because something is God's doesn't always mean its easy I know the Lord will provide.  He always does. He is faithful. He is in control.
Friday was a particularly rough day.  You see, our school district is going through what most other school districts are going through.  REDUCTION IN FORCE.  We didn't pass our last levy.  This means cuts.  Let me first say that I'm not sure there is any school quite like ours.  We have a group of the most flexible, hard working, committed teachers I know AND for the most part we all get along.  Sure there are certain teachers that are closer than others, but despite our flaws and things that irritate us about each other.  We are family.  We have monthly hang outs.  Christmas parties.  Baby Showers.  We all worked together long enough to learn about each other and our lives.  I've worked there for 9 years.  In those nine years I have seen the kids grow immensely.  I've seen teachers convinced that just because we are a very low socio-economic student population doesn't mean we can be a school of excellence. I've seen them prove it by being an "excellent" school the last two years.  Friday we got the news several of my co-workers would be let go next year.  One of whom I've worked with and have become friends with over the past three years.  They are an awesome family.  We also got the news that some major restructuring would happen and the RIF isn't even close to being over.  This was one of those times that I expected myself to be strong.  It's like I thought, "I've had Christ in my life for over 20 years.  When tough stuff happens I'll be strong. I would never doubt.  I would never wonder what's going on."  Um, yea right.  Nope.  I cried.  Then I questioned, "God Where are you? What's happening here?"  After a tough week and being extra tired than normal I kind of crumbled.  It does make me so very thankful that I am not in control.  It makes me so very thankful that I can run to my savior and cry out to Him.  Thank you David for giving us those awesome Psalms that show how we can cry out to our heavenly father.  And Here's the thing that no matter how I feel I know the Lord will provide.  He always does. He is faithful. He is in control.

I came home from work on Friday and my husband (thank you Lord for getting him home from the winter weather in Seattle) instantly said, "you must listen to this song."  Can I just say I am so thankful that we can share our deepest most inner feelings and thoughts with our Heavenly Father? Just take a moment to sit and listen (you have to pause the player on the right of the
screen).  I am so thankful that I do have a reason to sing and that reason is a savior who came as a tiny baby to save a broken world.  From Genesis to Revelation you can see that God had a plan to redeem His people. I know the Lord will provide.  He always does. He is faithful. He is in control.  


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Wellstopia said...

Ok, first off I hate that I feel as if we haven't talked in so long.. and I mean really talked.. That I feel like we don't know what's going on in your lives. That being said, I'm glad that I can still hear about it here. We love u guys and are praying for your family and Brandt that he will be coming to his forever home soon. Love you.