Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's time for a lighter, fun post!  Of course it revolves around food.  Yummo.  Now, for those of you wondering if there has been any adoption news...that's a negative.  We continue to wait and (attempt?) to be patient.  There have, however, been three girl referrals!  WAHOO. That means Abby and Dan are movin on up the list. VERY EXCITING!

On to the food and a fun day of cooking.  Abby and I have gotten a lot better at choosing menus (ok so this one wasn't the healthiest), making the grocery lists, doing instructions, and figuring out the order of cooking on the big day.  Google Docs, Pinterest, and OnceAMonthMom are three things we have come to love.  We prepped the Thursday night before the cooking day.  We cut all of the chicken that needed cut, labeled bags, and separated the chicken.  We also cooked up the BBQ Beer Chicken and the Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup and made the crockpot pork chops since it was just a "dump" recipe. This definitely helped us out on the actual cooking day seeing as how we cooked from about 8:30-4:00 WITHOUT any kids in the house (HUGE shout out to our husbands by the way).  We ended up with 31 meals each and each meal came to about $5.61.  Have I mentioned I love this?  My daughter and I didn't get home until 5:00 P.M. tonight.  I just popped fajitas right into the oven.  No stress AND they were delicious by the way!

The food is out and ready to go.

We began by shredded the Chicken for the Mexican Chicken Casserole. Amaya decided to sneak a piece before heading out to breakfast with her daddy. 

The Chicken for the Mexican Chicken Casserole

Abby stirring the yummy food.

I was SUPER excited about cooking Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna Ever!!  This is the meat sauce.

Completed Lasagna

was the line up:

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