Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful for some movement!

That's right! After two months there was an infant boy referral which means that we got to move up on the list!  Now, as I've mentioned before, there is no "official" list.  However, our yahoo group that includes most people from our agency keeps an "unofficial" list.  We are tied with five people at #2 on this list (all five of us have the same DTE date so there is no way of knowing our order).  Now, remember there could be people that aren't on the list. I always try to keep this in mind although it is VERY hard to do!!  We could still have quite a wait in front of us, but we are REJOICING in the referrals this week!  There was also a referral for a sibling set, which hasn't happened in forever either. PRAISE THE LORD!! He is bringing these children to their forever families!!!

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Julie Thompson said...

I saw you all had moved up to #2. How cool! We moved too. Unfortunately, it was back a number! Still trying to figure this all out!!!
Julie Thompson from Apex