Thursday, March 1, 2012

Praising God!!

Ok, so its been awhile!  It's been a tad busy around here.  Lots of grandparent visits (YAY!!!!) and of course just normal life stuff.  We were very very excited to hear that there was another boy referral last night!!  This means we are getting much closer towards seeing our son!  In fact, out of those on our Yahoo Group (the UNOFFICIAL list) we are tied at #1 with four other families.  We are still prepared for quite some wait (considering there was only one boy referral from November-January I am trying to be realistic).  HOWEVER, that is not to say that our God isn't the worker of many many miracles and He can move mountains and we do not want to diminish that fact!!  SO, we are continually praying that we will be able to meet our son very very very very very soon.  It's interesting how God works things.  You might have noticed from what I wrote earlier that our DTE date is also the same as FOUR, that's right, FOUR other families. The agency does not tell us who is first, second, etc.  Mostly because it depends on circumstance, family dynamics, and the fact that they pray over every single referral they give.  In a way I think it's better this way.  Knowing that we could be #5 instead of #1 means I won't (hopefully) be hovered over my phone or think that its going to happen any second.  Although, Josh and I tease that if we are fifth out of the five we'll eventually be the only ones at #1.  ANYWAYS, did I mention we are praying praying and praying that we will get to see our son soon.  Oh yea I think I wrote that already.  Thank you in advance for your many prayers!!!!  Also, our wonderful friend Dan and Abby reached the top 10 this week! WAHOOO.  We are still thinking that just maybe God is working it out so we get to travel to Ethiopia together.  Although, I'm not sure anyone close to me needs to see me after 24 solid hours of travel and little sleep.  HAHA, even at that moment my husband will want to run away.  Once again, keep those prayers coming.  Our God is mighty!

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iheartdeals said...

I'm pretty sure I'd love to see you after 24 hours of travel if it means we could go together. :)