Monday, July 30, 2012

Court trip day 4

Today was THE DAY.  Wow, we were nervous.  We left at around 9:00 A.M. to head to the court house with Laura and Catherine.  Once we arrived we walked into a room of about 35-40 other people from other adoption agencies.  We sat down and waited our turn.  We had no idea when they would call our agency in.  However, after only 15 minutes we were called!  We all walked in together and the judge asked us several questions such as:

*Have you met your son and how many times have you been with him?
*Do you have other children and do they know about the adoption?
*Do you want to adopt this child?
*Will you teach your child about the Ethiopian culture and meet with other Ethiopian adopted 
   children in your area?

 We answered these questions and a few more and she told us that all of our paper work was in order and that as far as the Ethiopian court is concerned He was OURS! Brandt Joshua Abel Rogers!

We then drove to the TH and spent time with Brandt all morning.  It was wonderful.  We fed him his bottle and had a chance to meet with the pediatrician at the TH. She went over his medical history since he had arrived.  It was good to have a chance to talk with her and she was very nice and seemed wonderful.

We at lunch at a restaurant called Island Breeze, which was mostly American food, but was VERY good!  Then we traveled back to the TH and spent the afternoon with Brandt as well.  Wow, what an amazing day.  We are thanking the Lord for answered prayers today.  Just two weeks ago, our paperwork hadn't even arrived on the judge's desk and we were pretty sure that we would not pass court.  God worked MIRACLES.  THANK YOU GOD.

So what now?  Well we move on to some more waiting on the U.S. embassy side of things, but I will post more about that later!  For now here are some pictures of our big boy.

                                                       Meeting him for the first time

                                                              Sleeping on his mama

                                                    Clapping after his daddy sang a song.

                                                                 Hey what's up?

                                                                    Sound asleep


erinne said...

i'm losing it over the picture of him sleeping on your chest. he looks so content. what a perfect fit!

Jeni said...

He is precious!!

iheartdeals said...

I love these! Oh, what a precious boy.

Wellstopia said...

So precious! He looks so at peace in your arms. :)

mini and brother said...

He's beautiful!! Congratulations!

Nick Abraham said...

Very happy for you guys. God is good!

Celia Emmons said...

Wonderful news! I'm so excited for you guys! He is beautiful and looks so "right" in your arms!

Mollie said...

Oh my word...he is just so perfect!!!! I'm so thrilled for you guys!!