Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Court Trip Day 5

Today we woke up refreshed and ready to go!  It was actually the first night I've slept all the way through the night (maybe something to do with passing court yesterday?)  We left at about 9:30 A.M. and headed to the TH to visit B.  He was in a great mood today! He was all smiles.  We played with him, walked around, fed him his bottle, and he slept on daddy for a little bit.  Oh, and I had the pleasure of changing his diaper for the first time.  Fun times of course.  Each day its gets even harder to hand him back over the nannies (although they are wonderful) at the TH.  I feel like we are getting to know him and then we are just going to be one more thing in his life that leaves.  I'm praying that God really really give me the strength and somehow gives B a peace when we leave!  I told Josh today that when I talked about going into labor with Amaya I always said, "If God gives other women the strength to do it, then he'll give me the strength."  I know that this is the same.  He will get us through these "pains" as a part of the process in becoming a family.

After the TH we ate lunch and headed out shopping!  I bought a few souvenirs and gifts and then we went and bought what we REALLY wanted...COFFEE!!!  Yes, we were so excited about purchasing the coffee.  We keep telling the people here in Ethiopia that you cannot get coffee this good in the States.  YUM.

After a little rest back at our guest house we headed to a restaurant that does traditional Ethiopian meals. They also have traditional Ethiopian dancing.  It was so much fun!  Yes I may have been forced to get up and dance one time (a TAD embarrassing).  Somehow Josh got out of getting up and strutting his stuff.  It really was a great time and we enjoyed the food and dancing!

Here are a few pics to recap the day.

                                                                        Being silly


                                                                   Sleeping on daddy

                                                     COFFEE.  OH MY. HEAVEN

             Laura is staying in between court and embassy so she got to take her daughter with
               her  today. Love that God put us on this trip with Laura and her sis-in-law Catherine.

                                                        Traditional Ethiopian Dancing

                                                          Ethiopian Food is so yummy

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