Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Court Trip Day 6

We left for the TH at around 9:30 this morning and spent the entire morning with B. The great thing about the TH is they have all of the babies on a great schedule that is the same every day.  They are very used to routine.  He was happy, giggly, and fell asleep on me again today. LOVE.  I asked Yonas, our guide, how to save "I Love You" in Amharic so that I could say that to B.  I repeated it to him before I gave him back to the Nannies today.

We then left, went to lunch, and then visited St. Trinity Cathedral.  It is a beautiful cathedral with very beautiful stained glass windows and painted ceilings.  There was also a museum there with lots of historical artifacts dating all the back to the fifteenth century.  It was very nice to learn more about Ethiopia's history.  This will be very important to teach our children and we plan on teaching it from the beginning. 

After viewing the cathedral, we stopped for coffee, OF COURSE, and then headed back to the guest house. For the rest of the day we get to relax. We are hoping to order Ethiopian take out for dinner and spend time with the other adoptive families this evening.  There are several families here that are bringing their children home.  We have two babies and a five year old here so it should be fun. 

Tomorrow is our last day here.  We are spending the entire day, other than lunch, at the TH with B.  We want to spend as much time as possible with him tomorrow. 

As we approach our last day in ET please pray:
1. that we have a special time with B tomorrow.
2. that we will have a peace knowing God is in control
3. that we have safe travels home to our beautiful daughter.
4. that B's paperwork is able to come through quickly to be able to be submitted to embassy (will post more about the next step once we get home.)

Now for some pictures of our day:



                                                                 Um, what's up?

                                                                 St. Trinity Cathedral


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